Equipment Rental

Amphenol Advanced Sensors manufacturers and sells a wide array of portable diagnostic and testing equipment to drive productivity. To assist customers in meeting peak demands, unexpected situations or evaluations and also to minimize downtime of important processes, we offer an assortment of this equipment for short and long term rentals. Renting equipment may compliment your business in a variety of methods.

  • Try before you buy. Renting affords equipment users to evaluate the tool’s overall utility for the business.
  • Zero cost of ownership. Equipment rental provides a “like new” tool maintained by the factory for every job with no cost of ownership to your bussiness.
  • Logistics and convenience. Rental equipment will meet you at the job site or hotel. No need to travel with equipment in tow.
  • Right tool for the job. Equipment rental provides users will the ideal equipment for the task, not just whatever is available.
  • Down time avoidance. When your equipment is being repaired, don’t sacrifice utility or efficiency. We can supplement your needs with our vast inventory.
  • Please your accountant. Renting can convert fixed costs into variable costs, produce favorable debt-to-equity ratios, and increase borrowing capacity.
  • Peak season needs. If the need is temporary, rent it. Financial modeling will indicate that utilization of equipment plays a tremendous role in deciding rent versus buy. For infrequent activities renting typically yields improved ROI.

Many customers find that they only require our equipment for a short term program. Other customers may find short or long-term rental advantageous for cash flow or budgetary reasons. Regardless of your time frame, we can offer the appropriate equipment for your job.


Rental Solutions

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