NTC Thermistors - Type KY2, KY3

Composite Thermistors

Composite thermistor types KY2 and KY3 contain one PTC and two NTC thermistor elements connected inside a plastic sleeve and encapsulated in a brass probe housing. Primarily intended for automotive applications, where a constant sensor resistance is required over a “normal” range of engine temperatures to give a fixed temperature gauge reading.





Electrical KY2 KY2
Electrical KY3 KY2_3
  • Other resistance-temperature characteristics
  • Alternative housings * “POWER ON” resistance values measured with the thermistor assembled in a brass probe body. The probe is immersed in circulating oil (light engine type) up to the bottom of the hexagonal head and self-heated using the following circuit:

R1, R2 = 58.8Ω approximate (matched within 0.1% at room temperature) R3 : Decade resistance box adjusted to give null reading on meter M1

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